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There are so many Bluetooth speakers out there these days that it can be really difficult to choose not only something that sounds good, but one that doesn't break the bank. Then there are the different types of speakers out there. Do you want a super-portable one? A waterproof one? One that doubles as a stand? A good-looking one? How about something that ticks as many of those boxes as possible?

That's what Inateck have tried to do with the BP2001. It's fairly portable, yet features two drivers for decent sound, it'll work with something that doesn't have Bluetooth connectivity and it also doubles as a stand. Admittedly, this is designed for the iPad, but it's fairly universal outside of that. It doesn't actually care what you're using with it, it's just Bluetooth after all. Oh, and did I mention that it also makes for a good speakerphone, too?


The BP2001 currently costs just $30 on Amazon right now, and for this sort of money, it's a good buy. I've been testing it with my Nexus 9 primarily and it makes both a neat stand as well as a fairly decent Bluetooth speaker. There are 2 5W drivers here, so this isn't going to fill a room or anything, but it's very clear and quite crisp. Sadly, there's not much bass here, but you do here the punch of a drum hit, just not that deep thud that you'd really want to hear. Again, we need to remember that this is fairly portable, so it's never going to be able to move that much air. There's a foot that pulls out of the back of the unit that works well to complete the stand functionality and it fits my Nexus 9 just great. For reference the Nexus 9 measures 8.98 x 6.05 x 0.31 inches, so anything around that sort of size will work well.

Overall, I was fairly impressed. Given the BP2001's price tag and generally good build, and decent sound reproduction this is a good, well-priced jack of all trades. There are neat touches like a light-up display in the center to show when it's paired and a take call button that doubles as the pause button. The speakerphone works okay, but I was told that I didn't sound as good as I normally would, but callers sounded good on my end.

So, who's the BP2001 for? Well, it's pretty much for anyone with a tablet. It doesn't need to be used with a tablet, but it works great for that, and it's going to be great to take on holiday and set up for the kids in hotel rooms with movies, as well bringing a neat little sound system to another room that doesn't have one, I used this a lot in the kitchen and it was great for showing recipes and bringing music to the room. For a device that does so many things this well at this price point, the BP2001 is a neat little speaker to have around. It might not sound quite as good as others, but it's got a good range of features on offer here. Those interested can get $5 off with the coupon code W5TEVQMD at checkout on Amazon!


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