The Exec Behind Samsung's "Next Big Thing" Campaign Is Reportedly Leaving Samsung In April


2015 is still in its early stages and after MWC, the year ahead does not look too bad for Samsung. The release of their Galaxy S6 device caused quite a stir and suddenly reinvigorated what many thought was a brand in trouble. This is due to the year Samsung has just managed to endure. 2014 was not the best period for the South Korean tech company, with constant reports emerging that sales were down, profits were falling and that they were losing their dominant grip in certain regional areas. As such, Samsung are probably hoping (and especially after the release of the Galaxy S6) that they could now return to the dizzy heights they had previously experienced in the lead up to the release of the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Well, it seems if they do regain the pre-Galaxy S4 status then they will have to so without their US Mobile's current chief marketing officer, Todd Pendleton. It is being reported by people "familiar with the matter" that Pendleton has given his notice to the company and plans to leave Samsung in April. For the unaware, Pendleton was largely credited with being the executive behind some of Samsung's most clever marketing moves and in particular the whole 'Next Big Thing' motto. His team were the team, who brought to the public's attention the iPhone mockup videos like the 'waiting in-line' and wall hugger videos. These have always thought to be one of the reasons as to why Samsung and their Galaxy devices became such household names and as such, generated massive sales. In fact, it is largely the reason as to why Samsung Mobile has more than ten million Twitter followers.


At present, there are no details as to why Pendleton has decided to leave and neither the man nor the company have commented on the matter. Although it is being reported that the restructuring has already began with those reporting to him, already being moved to different areas of the business. It is not clear what Pendleton will do after he leaves Samsung nor who will replace him. However, it will be interesting to see what new marketing strategies the company will employ once Samsung's 'Next Big Thing' has officially moved on.

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