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Interacting with your contacts on Android can be less than ideal at the best of times. While Android itself offers a decent dialler and contacts app out of the box, it can be a little fiddly to do anything other than send a text message or make a phone call from within that app. Then there are the all the call logs and such that get in the way; it's nice to have that information, but when you just want to ring someone it should be much easier.


That's where drupe hope they can help, their new Android app puts your contacts from numerous sources, such as your Google account, your phone's storage and Facebook, all in one place. You just simply pull the three dots that are always on your screen out from either side to see your contacts. The concept is pretty simple here, with drupe you just drag the circle with a contact's name next to it to the other side of the list, matching it up with another icon. If you want to send "Jim" a message you would drag his icon to the messaging app. The same goes if you want to call him or navigate to his address. It's a great way of interacting with your favorite contacts in a number of different ways from one elegant app. Something like this that uses the edge of a display would be great on the Galaxy S6 Edge. There's more to it than that of course, as there's a search bar to filter your contacts and the ability to load up a dialler to simply put in a number you don't have saved.

It doesn't matter which of your services are your favorites, if you spend a lot of time messaging one contact with WhatsApp but another using SMS, they're all grouped here and it's really easy to create new contacts and link them to existing details from the app. Drupe aims to make it simpler to interact with your contacts, no matter which network or service you connect with them through, and it does so with an elegant, modern theme. It might not be for everyone, but for those with lots of different contacts across different apps and services, this could be a way of streamlining things.

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