Dropbox Enhances Collaboration Efforts For Business Users With Badges And Commenting

comments screenshot

Dropbox is giving its business users a new set of tools to help productivity. Dropbox was already a great tool for businesses needing to share files between each other, and today Dropbox for business becomes a little more robust with the Badges feature, and the comments feature which is today being introduced to Dropbox early access users. The Badge was introduced to early access users back in December of 2014, and now it’s available to all Dropbox for Business users. It offers up a few useful functions, like the capability to see who else, if anyone, is editing a specific document and how long they’ve been editing, which could be useful for keeping people on task.

Badges also let you generate links to share the documents you’re working on and update to the most recent document with an easy click. Badges are just one of the two new ways Dropbox is making collaboration easier for its business users though. Just as Badges was an early access feature at the end of last year, Dropbox is adding the ability to comment and leave feedback on documents and files for users that are part of the early access program, although currently this function can only be accessed through the web portal or the iOS application. Dropbox does however state that Android functionality is in the works currently.

With comments, users will be able to keep up with any discussions relating to work projects with any shared files, with comments viewable on the side in a brand new panel that displays to the right of the file or document opened. Dropbox states that signing up for commenting through the early access program will be required to gain the use of it, and sign ups appear to begin next week. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been any mention of when exactly Dropbox for Business customers will be able to access the comments feature through their Android devices, so for now users will be limited to either the web or iOS interfaces. The Badges, however, should be available on Android as of now if you’re a Dropbox for Business customer.