Have You Decided Which Color Samsung Galaxy S6 Or Galaxy S6 Edge You Would Choose?


March 1st was certainly an important day for Samsung. Over the course of last year, the South Korean tech giant have not had an easy time. Constant reports emerged that the company was seeing falls in sales, profit shares dropping worldwide, how they were being attacked at the bottom-end of the market by companies like Xiaomi and at the top end of the market by Apple and their re-envisioned iPhone 6. To add to the increasing pressure from other manufacturers, Samsung had also been widely criticised on their own merit for not doing enough to make their previous Galaxy flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy S5, good enough to stand apart from the previous generations. As such, the pressure was on this year for Samsung to deliver.

Enter the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. In spite of the criticism beforehand, Samsung did place design and style at the heart of the Galaxy S6 and as such, the device is one which does seem to look the part. Loaded with Gorillas Glass 4 on the front and on the back of the device, the Galaxy S6 does very much look like a premium device. Not to mention, if you need more of a design aspect, then the S6 Edge provides those alluring dual curved edges to the display.


To further add to its premium appeal, the device also comes in a variety of colors. Four to be exact, although the four are not common between the two devices. Both devices are available in three of the same colors, Black Sapphire, White Pearl and Gold Platinum. They do though differ in the fourth color, with the standard Galaxy S6 coming in Blue Topaz and the Galaxy S6 Edge receiving exclusive rights to a Green Emerald color. If you have yet to decide on which color you prefer, then now is your chance to take a closer and more in-depth look at them all. The images below show the Samsung Galaxy S6 in its four colors variants, followed by the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge in its respective colors options. Make sure to let us know which device and which color you prefer?

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