Cyanogen Release Teaser Video Showing Cyanogen OS 12 (Lollipop) Boot Animation

Screenshot 2015 03 16 at 6.44.56 PM

For those interested in Cyanogen, the last year has been an interesting one. Just under a year ago, the OnePlus One launched with Cyanogen as its default OS and this came in the form of CM11S. Since then, the company has very much been working on separating the two variants of Cyanogen, with the what is now known as the ‘community build’, CyanogenMod and the ‘commercial build’, Cyanogen OS. The best way to understand the difference, is that devices which come with Cyanogen preinstalled are running Cyanogen OS. As such and in terms of the OnePlus One, over the various updates, CM11S has now effectively become Cyanogen OS 11.

Well, following on from Cyanogen OS 11, is Cyanogen OS 12, which also goes by the name Cyanogen OS ‘L’. Needless to say, this build is the commercial version of Cyanogen Android 5.0 (Lollipop) and is certainly one of the most awaited OSes out there. Users running the OnePlus One (and the Yureka by Yu) will be eagerly awaiting the update which brings Cyanogen OS 12 to their devices. A small teaser on what to expect came last week, when Cyanogen announced that the Boxer email client will come as the default email app on Cyanogen OS. Not to mention in recent weeks we have also seen a massive rebranding from Cyanogen, resulting in a new look and logo.

Well, following on from the rebrand, Cyanogen today have released an interesting short video which claims to show the new boot animation for Cyanogen OS 12. The video does not supply any real details about the boot animation beyond stating “Introducing the new Cyanogen OS boot animation. Coming soon!“. To add to this, the video is not very long either. However, if you do hang on to the very end, you will get to see a very quick glimpse of what seems to be the Cyanogen OS 12 homescreen. Of course, there is still no firm details as to when Cyanogen’s Lollipop will turn up on devices. That said, this does at least, serve as a reminder that it is edging closer. Are you looking forward to Cyanogen OS 12? What do you think of the new boot animation? Let us know.