Cyanogen Preview Details Of Cyanogen OS 12 Theme Feature Including The Ability To Theme Individual Apps


Since Android 5.0 (Lollipop) was introduced, many eyes have been on Cyanogen to see what their interpretation of Lollipop would be. Prior to the release of Lollipop, Cyanogen's take on android became extremely popular within the custom, alternative and ROM community. This was due to their emphasis on tweaks, features, baked-in options and generally, good balance between what you could not get from a stock version of android while also not being 'too skinned', compared to what other manufacturers and ROM options offer.

As such, the excitement for many Cyanogen fans has been consistently building in anticipation while waiting for Cyanogen's version of Lollipop, both commercial (Cyanogen OS 12) and community (CM 12) builds to be released. Well, as the date of arrival for the official and stable Cyanogen OS 12 creeps closer, Cyanogen are slowing starting to provide hints as to what users can expect. This all began when the company unveiled their general rebranding of their corporate image and logo back at this year's MWC event. Following on from this, Cyanogen released a teaser video a couple of days ago, highlighting what their new Cyanogen Lollipop boot animation will look like. Now, Cyanogen have released another little teaser in a way of a brief blog post (source link below) which highlights one of the most popular Cyanogen features, themes.


Themes are not new to Cyanogen, although, themes have been expected to be greatly redeveloped in their newest version of Cyanogen OS. The feature highlighted in today's news, is the ability to theme apps based on an app-by-app basis. In short, instead of having to apply a theme throughout your entire OS, you can just add a theme to a specific app. Further to this, you can theme as many apps as you want. This will all be utilized by the 'App Themer' feature, which involves a floating paintbrush which can be navigated to the specific app you want to theme. Once selected, the theme can then be applied by tapping the paint brush and applying the theme. You can see a brief example in the images below. The blog post does also touch on the option of paid themes, stating that they will be included in Cyanogen OS 12. Although, details were not indepthly provided. You can read the blog post in more detail by clicking the source link below.

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