ComScore: Android Sees Slight Increase In Platform Share And Samsung Stagnates In OEM Market Share


Every month and quarter, the results come in highlighting how the mobile landscape currently looks. The winners, the losers and everyone in between. One of the companies who typically provides a snapshot of the current mobile climate is comScore and their latest report on smartphone subscriber share is now available to read and you can do so by clicking the source link below. However, below is brief once thru of the results, which are based on the most recent quarter (month ending January) and compared to the previous quarter (month ending October) and relevant specifically to the U.S. smartphone market.

Two of the aspects focused on this month's findings is Top Smartphone Platforms and Top Smartphone OEMs. In terms of the first of these, smartphone platforms, the results are in line with what has generally been the trend recently. Android ranked as the top smartphone platform in the US with a 53.2% overall market share. This is slightly up from the previous quarter when the android share came in at 52.3%. As to be expected, Apple came in second in terms of market share with a 41.3% market share which represented a slight decline from the previous quarter, when Apple occupied 41.9%. Third, fourth and fifth place also saw very little change with Microsoft (3.5%), BlackBerry (2.1%) and Symbian (O.1%) respectively.


Moving on to the top U.S. smartphone OEMs, there is also again very little change in the standings. In line with previous reports, Apple ranked in the top spot with their same 41.3% OEM share, which as already noted is a slight decline from the previous quarter. Samsung ranked second in the U.S. with a market share of 29.3% which actually highlights a stagnation with no change from the previous quarter's 29.3%. There was also very little change in positions third to fifth with LG, Motorola and HTC ranking respectively. It is worth noting that of these three, LG were the only one to show an increase in their share which moved up to 8% from 7.4% in the last quarter. In contrast, Motorola stagnated at 5.2% and HTC saw a slight drop from 4.1% down to 3.8%.

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