Chainfire Announces CF-Auto-Root For T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S6 And S6 Edge


Whenever a new device is released, the race goes on in the custom and rooted world. The race is one to see who can root the newly released device first. In fact, those devices which prove to be difficult (or at least expected to be difficult) even come with what is known as a 'bounty' to further try and push forward the rooting of a new device. Take the Motorola DROID Turbo, for instance. This device was first announced (and released) back in October of last year and it was only last week that the first known instance of the device reaching a 'root status' were announced. Some would even argue that October until now, is a good timeframe for the DROID Turbo.

Well, if you were planning on picking up the Samsung Galaxy S6 next month when it finally gets its full release. You might be happy to know that it seems root status has already been reached for the Samsung Galaxy S6. Yep, the latest news coming in, is that the Galaxy S6 has indeed being rooted even before the device has been released. Now, in terms of the details, the root status has been announced by Chainfire. For those of you familiar with the rooted world, you will also be familiar with Chainfire, as he is responsible for one of the most widely used routing tools out there, SuperSU. Therefore, the announcement about the Galaxy S6 (source link below) does come with some authority.


That said, it is worth pointing out that although Chainfire is confirming the Galaxy S6 has reached root status, Chainfire does also state that he was not present when the status was achieved, but does state that it was achieved on a real Galaxy S6. Not to mention, Chainfire does highlight Samsung Knox might prove to be quite problematic when it comes to rooting the Galaxy S6. This is due to once Knox is tripped (by rooting), the device might not be able to utilize features such as Samsung Pay. Either way though, if you are interested then it seems two particular models are the ones which have been rooted. These are the SM-G920T and SM-G925T models. Or probably better known as the T-Mobile USA Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge. If and when you do pick up the Samsung Galaxy S6 then you can find the ODIN flashable files for rooting the S6 by clicking here. In the meantime, are you surprised root status has already been reached? Does knowing root status is achievable, make you more likely to pick up the Galaxy S6? Let us know.

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