Brown Color Option For The Samsung Galaxy S6 Listed On Samsung UK Website


Back at this year's MWC event, all eyes were really only on one manufacturer. There was a ton of announcements due to come before the event kicked off, but everyone wanted to know what Samsung could bring to the market in their latest flagship device. Would it quell what seemed to be falling sales for the company? Would it be built from the ground up, like had previously been reported? Would there be a dual Edge version? Well, the device was unveiled and people were not disappointed. The Samsung Galaxy S6 and partner device, the Galaxy S6 Edge both did look extremely pleasing and appealing. The device was high-end in terms of specs and offered a very premium device, albeit for a premium price.

To add to the high spec list, Samsung also announced that the device would be available in a number of color options. Not to mention, the colors would also be slightly different between the two devices. It was reported that both versions of the Galaxy S6 would be available in Black Sapphire, White Pearl and Gold Platinum. However, both devices would come with their own exclusive fourth color. In terms of the standard Galaxy S6, this was an exclusive Blue Topaz color. While, in the case of the Galaxy S6 Edge, this was an exclusive Green Emerald color. Not to mention, that it was also recently reported that the Galaxy S6 might come in limited edition Avenger themed models.

That said, it seems that there might be another possible color available soon. The UK arm of the Samsung website is listing brown as a color option. The site does not reference the color by name, nor does it indicate that this might be a UK only thing, but instead there is a small brown color option being listed along with the other colors and as you can see in the image above. Now, this could be just an error on the site or it could be an actual new or limited color about to become available. What do you think? Would you like a brown colored Galaxy S6? Let us know.

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