BlackBerry And IBM Introduce The SecuTABLET Targeted For Government and Enterprise


BlackBerry has fallen out of common use for most private users of mobile technology. However, BlackBerry is still trudging along and has created a new solution for government and enterprise that will provide a secure tablet environment, while allowing the flexibility to utilize applications that have historically not been allowed in secure environments such as Facebook, WhatsApp, or Twitter. Secusmart, which is owned by BlackBerry has teamed up with IBM to announce a new high-security tablet that is targeted for government and enterprise users.

Why is the ability to use applications such as Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter important for a supposedly secure environment? For starters, it will allow those who have the tablet the ability to conduct research on a specific person's social media accounts or the ability to view instructional or information material on YouTube. This would eliminate the need to use a separate device to access this content by eliminating any harm to the tablet and the secure data by preventing these applications from causing harm. It can also allow someone who may work as say a press secretary to be able to access content such as social media in order to answer questions or to report on matters pertaining to whatever entity they serve while still having access to more secure material should the need to.

This new tablet, called the SecuTABLET, is basically a Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 and utilizes IBM's wrapping technology to prevent data leaks from applications such as Facebook that could cause security issues through such possible threats such as malware or viruses. Even if the tablet were to become infected, it would be capable of keeping sensitive data secure and prevent a security leak. This technology will work in a seamless tandem with other solutions by Secusmart and it is also seeking approval by the German government for secure communication and data security.

Secure tablet solutions are in high demand by government and enterprise alike. With a new data breach being reported seemingly every day around the world, solutions such as this could provide a much needed and seriously lacking service to government and enterprise sectors. BlackBerry notes in a press release (source link below) that their solutions have received a "Full Operational Capability" certification for operation using United States Department of Defense Networks and that their solutions have been approved by NATO for classified communications to as far as the "Restricted" level. So if this Android device running a BlackBerry solution works out, it could open the door for more secure Android devices in the future, solving a huge need for government and enterprise. While the everyday user will probably not have a need or even receive any benefit from this $2,380 device, governments and enterprise will see a notable benefit. This tablet is certainly better than BalckBerry's last attempt at making a tablet, and certainly more versatile and usable by government and enterprise.

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