Avast Release Avast Battery Saver App Which Can Extend Battery Life By As Much As Seven Hours


Mobile phones are certainly useful life tools. Especially, when it comes to smartphones. Being smart, allows them to offer users a variety of features and abilities which go way beyond the basic principle of what a phone is expected to do. These smartphones can now emulate your organizer, appointment maker, camera, editor, web browser, in fact, the latest smartphones can pretty much emulate your home computer completely.

That said, being 'smart' does not come for free. One of the biggest after-purchase costs of a smartphone is battery life. If your device does not come with a good enough battery, or one sufficient enough to deal with the multitasking needs, then you can often find yourself in more trouble by having the phone. That said, there are various battery life extending apps out there and today at MWC, Avast announced the launch of their newest battery saving app in the form of 'Avast Battery Saver'. Avast should not need too much of an introduction, as the company are very well known for providing a wealth of software designed to keep you safe when surfing online.


So what does the new app do? Well, according to the press release (source link below) Avast Battery Saver works to reduce how much battery your device devours intelligently. As a result, Avast claim the app can extend your average battery life by as much as seven hours. The app does this by employing three main features. The first is 'Smart Profiles' which activates the saving feature based on the current time, location or battery level. The second feature is 'App Consumption' which works to detect and deter apps that are draining too much battery and especially at critical levels. The last feature is 'Precise Estimate' which looks to determine how much battery life you have remaining, while in the current usage mode. Therefore, allowing for the ability to further reduce battery life by changing the profile, stopping apps and so on. If this feels like something that might be of use to you then the app is now available to download for free from the Play Store.

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