Augmented Reality Video From Magic Leap Shows Up With Interesting Interpretations Of YouTube And Gmail


Over the last few months (and the year, in general) there has been a big movement towards an altered state of reality. This has mainly come in the form of 'virtual reality' with the likes of Samsung, HTC, LG and Google all showing a keen interest in the new platform and technology. In fact, recent rumors suggest that google may actually be working on a unifying android for virtual reality. Not to mention, Google also launched their own on-the-cheap version of virtual reality last year in the form of Google Cardboard.

Well, as well as virtual reality, Google are also quite interested in augmented reality. For those, new to the latter, this is best thought of as the mixing of real life and virtual reality. In contrast, to virtual reality's more all-engrossing approach. In terms of virtual and augmented reality and Google, the Search giant was reported last year making some heavy investments and one of those, was an investment in a startup, dubbed Magic Leap. This is a startup who specialise in virtual reality and who are reported to be working on an augmented reality product. Which was reported to be coming soon, although no firm dates have been provided as of yet,


Well, a new video is now doing the rounds from Magic Leap which highlights the type of content the company are hoping to work towards. Not to mention, the video highlights a bit of the Google influence with what is clearly a futuristic vision of Gmail and how we might be using such services in the future. Not to mention, there is a little nod to YouTube too. Now the video does seem to be more of a conceptual video than anything and presumably looks to show what might be achievable in the future, more so than any actual product about to land soon. That said, it is an interesting watch. The YouTube listing states Magic Leap had intended to show the video off at a recent TED talk but were unable to for whatever reasons. Either way, the video is below for you to check out for yourself.

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