AT&T Mobility's CEO, Ralph de la Vega Not Concerned About What Other Carriers Do


Over recent times, the likes of AT&T and Verizon have had to compete with the likes of T-Mobile. This is largely due to the Un-carrier's push to secure as many customers from the big two as possible. In fact, it was recently reported that analysts seem to think T-Mobile (along with AT&T) are likely to be the carriers to maintain their subscribers over the current quarter. That is compared to Verizon and Sprint who are predicted to not maintain as well. As such you might think AT&T and Verizon might be worried about the seeming growth of the Un-carrier who only recently announced their attention to grab business customers in their latest Un-carrier move.

Well, if you were to ask AT&T Mobility CEO, Ralph de la Vega, he would say he is not that worried about what other carriers do, be them a T-Mobile, a Sprint or even a Verizon. In fact, that is exactly what de la Vega said during a recent interview (source link below). To be clear, Ralph de la Vega did state that he does take what these other carriers do seriously, but is just not phased by them. In fact, his comments suggested that the more noise they make they less he seems them as a direct threat "in a very competitive industry, when there's people trying to win market share, and they're not successful, they have to keep trying things".


Following on from this, de la Vega notes that the difference between AT&T and the other carriers is that AT&T focus far more on additional markets then on 'only smartphone sales'. According to de la Vega, AT&T are much more focus on expanding their entry into the IoT, connected-car and connected-home markets. "I think our emphasis and our differentiation is completely different from a Sprint, or from a TMobile or even a Verizon, who I think have stayed more in the traditional sense of focusing on adding smartphones instead of venturing into what is the next era of carriers to get into". In fact, de la Vega went on to finish up the interview by making it clear, that companies should not be judged on a monthly, quarterly or even yearly timespan. Instead, it is the biggest picture that matters to de la Vega who went on to cite what the company has achieved over the past decade. While adding "When I see others doing that consistently, over a multi-year period, we can judge them". Finishing up, de la Vega commented on what the other carriers are doing by stating that if you drop prices, then you will see success and noting it is the sustainability of these newly acquired customers that will prove the true judging mechanism of carriers. You can read de la Vega's comments in full by clicking the source link below.

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