AT&T Launches U-Verse With Gigapower For $110 In Cupertino, California

March 30, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

Gigabit internet is slowly but surely taking customers by storm in certain cities around the U.S., with both Google Fiber and AT&T’s U-Verse with Gigapower service going head to head in at least a few different areas. The starter package for both will cost customers $70 a month in the locations where it’s already up and running, although AT&T charges more money to customers who choose not to opt into its service where it hands out targeted ads and watches browser habits. Today ¬†AT&T launched U-Verse with Gigapower in Cupertino, California, making it the seventh city where it now offers gigabit internet, but will charge customers who are interested in setting up a total of $110 a month, which is $40 more than Google Fiber. The reason? It has no competition.

If that price tag sounds a little high, that’s because it is when compared to the other areas where AT&T is trying to match prices with Google. The $110 pricing even includes the AT&T Internet Preferences that watch browsing habits and serve up relevant advertisements based on certain criteria like search terms. Customers in Cupertino aren’t required to pay the $110 a month though, as AT&T offers another option for just $80 a month(still $10 more than in cities like Austin and Kansas City)however, with that price customers only get 300Mbps download speeds though, and that pricing still comes with AT&T Internet Preferences.

While AT&T is now offering U-Verse with Gigapower in Cupertino, it’s worth noting that it isn’t quite available in all areas of the city as AT&T mentions it’s only available in “select areas” for now. Customers who aren’t located in the parts of Cupertino where AT&T U-Verse with Gigapower isn’t available will be restricted to whatever other internet providers are servicing the area, but then again they’ll likely be paying less money even if it means slower speeds. For customers who are wanting a little more than just blazing fast internet, AT&T is also offering the U-Verse with AT&T Gigapower that offers gigabit internet speeds plus TV for $150 a month, which is $30 more in contrast to what Google Fiber offers at $120 a month in the areas where it’s already operating.