Armageddon Live Wallpaper Puts Planetary Destruction On Your Homescreen

March 19, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

Get ready to stare at your homescreen in anticipation of the earth’s impending doom as the new Armageddon live wallpaper from Maxelus displays giant fiery asteroids flying towards the planet. It doesn’t appear that they actually ever impact, but as this is a live wallpaper you can see the elements of velocity added to make the asteroids appear like they’re on a non-stop course of destruction. There are tons of customizable options in the settings menu for users to play with, like altering the planet type, there are six in all, and multiple different textures for the asteroids of which there are five in all.

The really cool thing about the Armageddon live wallpaper is that Maxelus has made use of the gyroscope inside of smartphones and tablets so that you can shift the angle of the view and see the asteroids from different sides. It makes for a really interesting take on what a global catastrophe could look like. Aside from the ability to change the planet type and asteroid textures, there are options to change the galaxy background type, and options for random timers, random planets, random asteroids and random backgrounds. You can even change the camera speed, the gyro speed or just turn the gyroscope sensor off altogether if you don’t want to mess with the view angles when you twist your phone around in all directions.

Live Wallpapers look cool, there’s no doubt about that, but they can also be heavy battery drainers, which makes the battery saving options within Armageddon that much more useful. Should you find that your battery is draining faster than you’d hoped, you can alter the wallpaper speed between 50%, 30%, 20%, and 0% to help you maximize your battery life while using this wallpaper as your homescreen background. The Armageddon live wallpaper will set you back about $1.95 on the Play Store if you fancy yourself something a little more exciting than the casual standard wallpaper, but that’s not a bad price for the level of customization you get with it and the visual appeal that brings your homescreen to life.