Arabic Android 5.0 Lollipop Update in Testing for Samsung's Galaxy S5

Whenever any new software distribution is created here in the West, it's primarily done so with Western Alphabets in mind. While Google and Apple put all sorts of different input methods into Android and iOS, it can take a little longer than normal for folks like Samsung, HTC and Sony to perfect these input methods for their software. Along with Chinese, Arabic languages are some of the most complex to deal with from a software point of view, but considering high-end smartphones are taking off in parts of the Middle East, it's no wonder that Samsung is far along in development of an Arabic version of Android 5.0 Lollipop for the Galaxy S5.

According to a report by YouMobile, Samsung is currently testing Android 5.0.2 for devices in the Middle East, specifically the SM-G900F model of the device, and there are some screenshots to go along with the report, too. Apparently, Samsung is almost ready to release the update, which is currently in beta and said to come in at around 1.4GB in size. According to the leaks, this update will include Full Arabic Language support, including input methods as well as the language throughout the system. The update could start to roll out in the next couple of weeks and will hit the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

While Samsung has practically finished updating the Galaxy S5 in the West, it's good to see them testing the update for regions with more specific language requirements. Input methods can be tricky and different alphabets will often require different software builds altogether, so it's understandable that this is taking them a little longer. Hopefully though, we will start to see the update roll out. YouMobile are unable to release the beta version of the firmware at this time as it hasn't yet been fully translated, but some progress is always better than nothing, and we're sure those in the Middle East will be looking forward to getting the Lollipop update on their device.

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