App Marketing Strategies: 11 Ways To Help Your App Succeed


Considering how many applications are available nowadays, it's definitely not enough to create a great app and hope it will promote itself. No way that's going to happen, there are a ton of great applications in the Google Play Store, and that number is constantly growing. It's extremely difficult to make your application get noticed amongst so many apps, even if you created something unique, both in design and functionality. Well, we're going to try to help you to make people notice your application. Here are 11 application marketing strategies that might help you promote your application:

Name And Description In The Google Play Store

This part is extremely important, more important than people might think. It is always best to use a unique name for your app, and even better if that name hints the purpose of the app. Your app needs to be recognizable and easily searchable. It is also good if people can easily remember its name. If your app has multiple words, the first one is very important, but the main and related keywords also need to be built into the description details, don't forget that. Furthermore, make sure to always clearly explain what the app is for. The description shouldn't be too long, and yet should be quite detailed and easy to read.


Press Release

Press release is kind of an understandable part of the launch process. A lot of people will read that press release, so you should do your best to put it together properly. Much like the apps description, it shouldn't be too long, should be nicely formatted and explain what the app is about. Give out as much detail as you can, and yet not as many as you do in the description. The press release should be engaging, so keep that in mind. There are some PR sites that can help you achieve the desired effect, like PRNewsWire, PRMac, PRWeb and StandardNewsWire for example.

Commenting On Articles / Forums

What do we mean by this? Well, for example, once your app review is done and published all over the social media, make sure to spend some time communicating with users. Keep track of those posts and comments, and respond to people who have tried out your app or are interesting in doing so. That can be hard sometimes, but do the best you can. This can really help out, and can prove to users that you care about them and your product.

App Reviews

Application reviews are a great way of promoting your work. There are a lot of tech sites that do app reviews nowadays, and they can provide a lot of exposure for your application. This is a crucial part of promoting your app, app reviews can bring an unbelievable amount of traffic your way. Some of these sites even offer promo codes to readers and stuff. Don't forget about app reviews, the more exposure you get this way, the better. You can also check out our app review service if you'd like.


E-Mail Lists

This is also a crucial part of promoting an app. A strong e-mail list is extremely important. You have to start somewhere though, so you can always add the people you know to the list, and work your way from there. As you progress, you'll reach a lot more people, hopefully those who work in the industry or something, which will be immensely helpful when reaching out to people. You can share all sorts of info this way, as long as you don't spam people with unnecessary content of course. You should always share your press releases this way, and every big announcement for that matter, like a huge update to your app and that sort of stuff.

Google Alerts

If you don't know what Google Alerts are, it's about time you find out. If you visit, you can set up a Google Alert for your domain keywords and immediately participate in conversations related to your domain, which is great. You can set up an alert for your name, your app name and your website for example, which will certainly help in monitoring news about your app. This will help you keep track of what's going on, and make your job of app promoting, much, much easier. When Google picks up on something with those keywords, you'll get an alert in a form of a link. It's tracking comments, reviews, blog posts… and much more.

Connect To News Sites

This part is actually closely related to the press releases and app reviews part. You should make contacts, make sure you reach out to news sites that are covering your sort of content. Contacts like these will help you promote your app, no matter if we're talking about an article about your app of any sort, or an app review.


Develop Pre-Launch Strategy

Many people think that promotion part starts after you're finished with your app, or when you publish it, but that's not true. It's always good to start promoting the app a while before it becomes official / hits the market. Tease your apps functionality, release some vague notes, a screenshot perhaps… anything that will help you get people's attention. Social networks and news sites can help out a lot, so keep that in mind.

Admob Testing

Mobile advertising services can always help you properly test your app before you launch it. Multiple variations of app's names and text descriptions can be tested. This part can give you an edge in front of your competition, make sure you pick the right info before you launch an app. Admob is a great service for doing this, the service's CTR (Click Through Ratio) definitely helps you decide which name and description will work best. Furthermore, if you have some cash to invest in advertising, even better. There are a lot of services like Admob which let you advertize your apps, and Facebook, for example, is also a good choice. If you have some money to spare, definitely try it out.

Send News Tips To News Sites And Blogs

In order to do this step properly, you need to make some contacts beforehand, it will make this step a whole lot easier. You should always keep news sites / blogs on what's going on. Send them some info, and see if they'll make something out of it and help you get some publicity. Pre-launch teaser, pre-update teaser… well, anything useful really. Don't do this too often though, that's never good and people might take it as spam.


Social Media

We've mentioned social media a couple of times already, and that gives you an idea how important this aspect is. Social media is unbelievably important, simply because of the fact regular people check social media multiple times per day. If you manage to reach the right kind of people this way, that will be a huge step forward on your app's promotion path. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest… there are a lot of different social media services you can and should use.

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, and you should definitely use it, next to the likes of Facebook and Google+, of course. All you have to do is create a nice account for your app, set it up, and you're good to go. You can release all sorts of stuff this way, don't have to hold back as much as you should when sending out e-mails and stuff, it's highly unlikely that people will take Twitter posts as spam, that's the whole point really. People follow certain pages in order to get all the required information.

Facebook is the biggest social media network in the world. Much like Twitter, it's very important for you to create a page here and push it towards consumers. Set up a nice page for your app and tweak it properly. You can find various ways to connect to your audience via Facebook, and also release all the necessary information to consumers. Twitter and Facebook are kind of similar, but also different in some ways. Make sure to communicate with people who show interest in your posts, and you're good to go. It's important that you're active on social media, daily, Facebook included.