Another Image Leaked Of The Alleged LG G4 Note Stylus That Is More Likely A TV Antenna

LG Logo AH9

Yesterday a user on the XDA forums leaked some images of what they were claiming to be the upcoming LG G4 Note, which in itself is still a rumor, and having nothing more than a quick glance at the images it would be easy to perceive the device as the possible upcoming new flagship variant from LG. As noted earlier though, one of the original images showed off that the device in question was powered by a snapdragon 610 chipset, which is a processor used in mid-range devices. This detail alone is reason enough to take these images and claims with a huge grain of salt, given that LG has already released a phone with the Snapdragon 810 inside (the LG G Flex 2) that is more high-end than the device in these images it seems and it isn’t even a flagship.

Yesterday’s images revealed a device that certainly follows the style of the LG G3 and other handsets in LG’s lineup, so many, including us at the time thought it somewhat possible to be the upcoming LG G4 or the LG G4 Note. With this morning’s details being pointed out though, that is likely not the case. Fast forward to this afternoon, and the same user on XDA has posted another image showing off what appears to be the stylus that would sit in the top left corner of the device that was thought to have been seen in the original images. As pointed out by Droid Life though originally, this is likely the TV antenna slot used in a mid-range model LG device to be launched in some Asian territories, as the Korean model LG G3 featured this same exact slot.

The most recent image shows the user has removed what is likely the antenna to the device, but is being claimed to be the stylus for the phone. If you look closely at the image showing off what the user is claiming to be the stylus, the bottom where we would expect to find a pointed tip used for interacting with the display looks completely flat, and it’s unlikely that a stylus would be flat like this given that they stylus is meant to be for more precision use. This is just speculation mind you, and LG hasn’t confirmed anything either way, so for now there’s no actual way to know whether what is being seen is the TV antenna or an actual stylus. Droid Life also notes that where the user is holding this piece is where the antenna folds in on itself in other models that feature the TV antenna in the phone, and if you click the link leading to the photobucket page where the images used to be, it now says the library is empty which suggests the poster took them down for whatever reason, so as stated before take this with a huge grain of salt.