Another Different Type Of 'Silent Mode' Noted On Latest Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Lollipop Update


Android 5.0 (Lollipop) has been one of the most highly awaited updates. Not only does the update offer a step away from dalvik to Android RunTime (ART), but also offers a much more modern look, feel and level of operations. Not to mention, the system is far more cohesive across all of your android devices. That said, and as good as Lollipop is, there are always going to be teething issues with anything that is new. Some things will work brilliantly, some will be sketchy and some will be downright unwanted. One prime example of the last one (unwanted) is the updates that have been noted to the way in which 'mute' is utilized on Lollipop, more often referred to as 'Silent Mode'.

To briefly recap, on Android 4.4 (KitKat) you could simply mute your device, once in this silent mode, the device would be silent but would still allow functions like your alarm to make noise. However, with Lollipop, easily muting the entire device, while keeping other functionality, like the alarm, in an audible manner was not very easily achieved. Instead, the whole process was a much more complicated structure. This has led to some manufacturers trying to effectively reinstall the mute function via their own implementations. Although, that has only seemed to complicate the whole matter even more. As such the lack of muting (like it used to be) has made the headlines quite a few times recently. Even with the recent launch of the Android 5.1 update, it still seems that Silent Mode has not made the return that users were hoping for.


Well, it seems in a new update which has began rolling out to Samsung Galaxy Note 4's in some part of Europe are noting another attempt to bring a more KitKat like muting experience to Lollipop. The latest update, N910FXXU1BOC3, which is based on Android 5.0.1 sees a banishing of what was previously known on Lollipop as the "Interruptons' feature. Instead now to activate the mute feature, a user simply clicks on the "Sound" icon on the quick settings panel which opens the Samsung "Blocking mode" feature and mute can be activated and used. Not the easiest option in the world but an improvement on what Galaxy Note 4 users were going through before.

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