Android Wear Weekly: Three Apps to Do More With Android Wear

Android Wear has already gotten pretty useful since it was launched last Summer, but since the Android 5.0 update to Android Wear, things have picked up pace quite a bit. There's now a wide selection of apps and watch faces than ever before, and the future looks very bright for the platform. A lot of the things we do on Android Wear are fairly mundane tasks however, like responding to messages and reading notifications. However, that needn't be the case, as these smartwatches run Android, and if there's one Android is, it's flexible. So, here are three nifty Android Wear apps that will make your watch do more than you originally thought it was capable of.


Attopedia is an excellent little Android Wear app, and even though it's a little fiddly, it's well worth trying out. Basically, this puts Wikipedia on your wrist, so you can settle arguments on who's right and who's wrong right there from your wrist. It's on your watch, so the UI could do with some work, but it's actually quite easy to use. Perfect for looking up dates and little facts that Google doesn't have in its Knowledge Graph, this free and open source app is a neat little addition to Android Wear, and gives you one less reason to pull your phone out of your pocket.


Looking to learn a new language but don't like the idea of staring at another screen for hours on end? Well, Duolingo is a fun Android app that can help you learn a new language through the use of your phone and with quick bursts of practice from your watch. A nice way of actually learning how to speak a new language without feeling like you've gone back to school, Duolingo turns Android Wear into a helpful study tool and it's good fun in the run up to a business trip or holiday overseas.

Wear Internet Browser

While not the most practical use of a smartwatch, Wear Internet Browser is definitely a way of showing off your new toy to friends and it could come in handy to look things up online and actually open a website, as Android Wear doesn't do that out-of-the-box. Unfortunately, you'll need to cough up for an in-app purchase to get full use of the app, but if you want to use your Android Wear watch for more than just messages and the weather, this is one way of extending the usefulness of your smartwatch.

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