Android Wear Weekly: Five Watch Faces for Sci-Fi Fans

Okay, so you're a big sci-fi fan, be it Star Trek, Star Wars, maybe you're a Whovian? Either way, it's pretty safe to say that a smartwatch interests you, and many of you reading this probably have an Android Wear device already. Sci-fi fans will most likely already have found some of their favorite watch faces for Android Wear, but if not, we've grouped together five fun watch faces for both round and square smartwatches. Take a look below and see if we have your next favorite watch face.

Time and Space Watch Face

Time and Space is a watch face collection all about our favorite time travelling Brit who had a thing for Jelly Babies in a previous life. These are fairly subtle and good fun, they either show off the TARDIS or a sonic screwdriver from the current series of Doctor Who. The time and date is still fairly readable in all the different designs and there are a few settings here, too. Perfect for the Doctor Who fan who finds their current watch face a little pedestrian.


Matrix face for Android Wear

There is no spoon, we all know that, but there are Android Wear watches and they need cool watch faces. This Matrix code face was one of the first to be developed for Android Wear and it was recently updated with support for the new watch face API. It's pretty straightforward, this shows off the working Matrix code on your wrist and then displays the time as well. A simple, fun watch for fans of the famous trilogy.


Secret Agent Watchface

Players of 007: GoldenEye on the Nintendo N64 were in for a real treat when they slammed the cartridge in, and it's no wonder the game has become a cult classic since then. After all, the game is still fantastic fun to this day, and it recently got a remake on the Nintendo Wii a few years ago. The watch interface was the cool thing about the game though, and for those interested in reliving some of that cool 007 vibe, this Secret Agent watch face is what you need.


LCARS Android Wear Watch Face

This is not only a great watch face for Star Trek fans, but anyone looking for something digital and a bit different. The LCARS interface has always been one people love to play around with and even though this won't turn you into Captain Picard, you can still tell the time and date with this watch face. It's got a number of different styles and even looks nice on round watches as well, although it will look great on something like the steel Sony SmartWatch 3.


NAVI - Watch Face


If you're looking for something with a Sci-Fi look and feel, but doesn't show your allegiance to one show or another, then this is an excellent choice. NAVI is from THA PLASH, the same developer responsible for countless excellent icon packs. With a wicked design that looks futuristic and readable, NAVI is well worth a look. Especially if you're a fan of anything neon.

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