Android Video “And Skip” Tries To Encourage You To “Skip Ad” On YouTube

March 6, 2015 - Written By John Anon

YouTube is one of those internet milestones. The media content site literally offers an unknown number of videos you can watch. Short, long and everything in between. You can find your favourite shows, reviews of those shows and even re-enacted versions of those shows. It literally has something for everyone. Not to mention there is a whole load of official and paid content you can watch on there too. That said, like most video outlets (and apps in general), YouTube is not without adverts. What’s more they are typically ads you cannot really escape from. You can of course, hit the ‘skip ad’ button. However, that is usually only clickable after at least five seconds of the advert being played. Either way, it is presumed most people at some time have clicked that familiar skip ad button.

Well, it seems there is an android video available on YouTube which pokes a little fun at the whole ‘skip ad’ culture. The video is not exactly a new video, as it is dated as being uploaded on Feb 5th. However, it does seem to be quite well hidden within YouTube. What’s more, the description does suggest the video was intended to be used as a skippable ad, prior to a selected video starting. If that is the case, then it is probably one of the more novel ads out there.

The whole video revolves around the notion of having to skip ads on YouTube and actually does its best to try and persuade you to skip the video you are watching. The longer you watch without skipping, the more extravagant the video becomes and the more agitated the androidify characters get, resulting in somewhat of a climatic ending. If you want to check it our for yourself then you by hitting the play button down below. Although be prepared, if you do intend to watch it all, this is a long one. It comes in at just over seven and half minutes in length. That’s a pretty long advert. Has anyone seen this in the last few weeks as a skippable ad? Did you skip? Let us know if you did and what you think of the video in general.