Android TV: How To Set Up A Restricted Profile On Your Nexus Player


There are many reasons as to why you might want to protect your Android TV account. After all, unlike your smartphone your Android TV is far more accessible to people you share you home with and those who visit. For instance, maybe you want to make sure the kids cannot accidentally purchase anything from the Play Store by clicking on the latest episode or installment of SpongeBob. Or maybe, at this weekend's party you are throwing, you do not want people accidently racking up some unnecessary purchases. Or maybe you just don't want some people knowing what apps you have installed on your Android TV device. Well, whatever the reason, there is a quick fix solution. You can simply set up a restricted profile on your device.

For those yet to test this feature, a restated profile, does exactly what it sounds like it will do. It sets up a profile which you can activate at any time and one, which will only have access to apps you are happy with. What's more, once the restricted profile is set up, it is very simple to switch back and forth between the two. Ideal for what people suddenly turn up announced.

If you are interested in setting up a restricted profile, then the process is fairly simple, although it does take a few minutes. You will first need to head down to your "settings" (cog icon).


IMG_20150320_101116Once here, scroll down until you see "Personal" and then scroll across until you see "Security & Restrictions"

IMG_20150320_101133On the right-hand side of the screen, you will see the option for "Restricted Profile". At which point you will be prompted to turn 'on' a new restricted profile.

IMG_20150320_101142Once 'on' is selected, you will need to click on Settings.


IMG_20150320_101149Following this, you will be prompted to set up a four digit pin which will be the authentication process to deactivate the restricted profile once it is activated.

IMG_20150320_101208Once, you reconfirm the pin number, you will be presented with a list of the apps installed on your Android TV device.

IMG_20150320_101218From here, you can turn on or off any (and all) apps for the restricted profile. It is worth noting, that by default, all apps associated with your Google account will be deactivated on a restricted profile. So you will only have to activate the apps you want to be available to access when is restricted mode.


IMG_20150320_101247Once you pick your apps and press back on your remote, you will see the new option to "Enter restricted profile".

IMG_20150320_101330Once pressed, your system will change to the newly restricted mode

IMG_20150320_101339And will be greatly restricted in terms of the content which is available and shown.


Android TV Restricted AHIt is worth pointing out, turning off the restricted profile is very simple. Once set up, Google places a small restricted icon on your main page at the bottom (beside settings).

IMG_20150320_101401Simply click on the restricted profile icon and enter your pin and the TV will immediately revert back to your full profile.