Android TV: Search Can Do More Than Just Search For Your Next Movie

March 13, 2015 - Written By John Anon

For anyone running Android TV, it is easy to think of the platform as just another media outlet. After all, it is primarily designed to offer users a way to watch video content. That said though, this is android and one of the benefits of it being an android platform is that it does much more than just its primary feature. In this case, media playing.

The search function is a prime example. Although some Android TV owners out there will be more than aware of this, others won’t be, so it is worth pointing out such features. In terms of the search function, whether you currently use it or not will depend on how useful you find it. If you do use it, then chances are, you are using it as just a way to find media content. After all, it is Android TV, right! Well, you should be aware that you can search for much more than just what is currently on YouTube. In fact, when it comes to the search function on your Android TV device, it is much better to think of this as Google Search, just like you would on your mobile, tablet or Chrome OS system. After all, it is the same search.

With that in mind, next time you are using your Android TV device and need to know something quickly, instead of reaching for your smartphone or opening you laptop, you might want to try asking the TV. Now, to be clear, your Android TV will not be able to answer as many questions as the search function will on your phone or laptop but it does answer quite a lot of the more basic questions. Below are a few prime examples of what type of questions your Android TV will answer.

Android TV will tell you what time it currently is in your location

IMG_20150313_095203Or anywhere else in the world for that matter

IMG_20150313_095227Likewise, you can ask your TV what the temperature currently is or check for the week ahead.

IMG_20150313_095215It will also let you know the football (or any sports) scores if you ask it. Not to mention who your team is playing next and played last.

IMG_20150313_095143You can also find out some more fundamental trivia answers like “How many people live in Russia?”

IMG_20150313_095242Not to mention, the TV will also help you perform basic math sums.

IMG_20150313_005046Or inform you of basic conversions.

IMG_20150313_095316Or let you search for images of just about anything

IMG_20150313_095021So, next time you need to know something, why not try asking your TV