Android Headliner: Samsung Now Has An Edge Over The Competition


This year's MWC event is now done and dusted. That said, the memory of the event will live on for some time thanks to all the announcements that came from the event. However, of the announcements, only one will have truly stuck in our minds. That is the launch by Samsung of their twin Galaxy S6 devices, the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. Although, the two new Galaxy devices are both worth a closer look, the S6 Edge has really caught people's attention. This is because Samsung might have just done something very special here. They very well may have just shown us how a modern smartphone should actually look.

It had long been rumored that Samsung was working on an Edge version of the Galaxy S6. In fact, it had also been long known that it will be a dual edge device. However, it seems what people were not expecting was the subtlety of the edges. By giving less of an edge, they may actually have achieved much more. When the news broke of an incoming S6 Dual Edge, everyone simply assumed it would be a Galaxy Note 4 but with the two edges. The edge on the Note Edge is much more protruding and almost looks too Edgy. As such, the assumption was the S6 Edge will come with almost three displays, all highly functional and dazzling their various lights and functions as if it was Times Square.


That of course was not the case. What we ended up with was a sophisticated dual edge device. One where the edges simply slope over the side of the phone. In fact, glancing past the device you would be forgiven for not noticing the edges. However, they are not simply there to be visually pleasing. They are functional too, although again, not overly functional. Unlike the Note Edge, the S6 edges are not permanently on. However, they do offer their own features. For instance, you can choose five favorite friends to add to the edge. Then when you swipe out from the edge, their bobble heads appear. From here you can text or call any of your top 5 contacts easily. The contacts are also color coded which comes in handy when you receive a call or text. That is because you can set the edges to respond in the color of the contact when that contact calls, texts or emails. Not to mention, if the phone is turned upside down, thanks to the edges, you will still see the color and therefore, who is calling. Another interesting featureĀ of the Edge is that when you do receive a missed notification the edge will permanently display a small vertical tab. This will be your reminder there is a notification you have yet to see. Of course, this will also be displayed in the color of the contact it is associated with. Not to mention, pulling on the small tab will open up all your options to engage with the notification.

Now, out of the box, all of these functions are attributed to the right-hand side of the device. Of course, this is a dual edge device and as such, if you are left handed you can simply set the left-hand edge as the default side and then all the functions work down the left. So, although the Samsung Galaxy S6 does come with a much more subtle and refined looking edge, it is completely a functional aspect of the device. It just seems Samsung may have hit the mark when it comes to creating a sophisticated looking curved display device which is also functional. The question is, are we looking at the future of smartphones here? Is the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge what manufacturers should really be aiming for now?

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