Android Headliner: Is The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Too Pricey To Interest Average Consumers?


Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S6 Edge finally had official pricing revealed for many of the top carriers this past week, and it seems to have fallen in line with what most of the speculations were prior to the carriers announcing the cost. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge was already expected to cost a pretty penny, so the fact that it's probably the most expensive device in the Galaxy S line to date may be no surprise to anyone. The question is, will the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge be too pricey to interest the average consumers?

The answer to that question may depend on what carrier some users do business with, as the pricing is slightly different at every major carrier. In the end though the pricing is close enough across the board that it may be more than some are willing to pay no matter which carrier they use, all but those who are already accustomed to paying high prices for electronics and don't mind shelling out quite a bit for a premium experience. Full retail for the 128GB model at AT&T for example is $1,015, and even the 32GB model is only a couple hundred less at $815. Compare that to the 16GB model of the Galaxy S5 last year which was set at a full retail price of $649.99. Yes, there is more storage even with the base model on the Galaxy S6 Edge in my example here, and the edge displays certainly play a factor as does the use of premium materials like glass and metal, but will the average consumer see those as absolutely beneficial and forego the regular Galaxy S6 which also uses the same body materials?

For some the edge displays might feel like just another gimmick, even though they do provide some nice functionality allowing developers to make use of the edge to display notifications and the like. How useful is the edge portion though? For anyone that isn't an enthusiast of having the most cutting edge technology, is what the Galaxy S6 Edge offers (which isn't really all that different from the Galaxy S6 minus the barely bigger battery and the edges) enough to warrant the cost of $815 - $1,015?

For not too much more than the starting cost of the Galaxy S6 Edge (32GB) at AT&T for example, one could buy the 128GB model Galaxy S6, which comes with the same quality camera, the same amount of RAM, the same processor and same display size/quality as the Galaxy S6 Edge. To some, that extra storage is going to be infinitely more useful than the inclusion of the edged display. For Samsung, the edges are a nice showing of what is possible with flexible display technology, but perhaps there needs to be more that consumers get out of having such technology in their pockets, especially if Samsung is going to be setting the price tag rather high. Will you be upgrading to the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge or is the cost a little more than you're willing to pay for the small amount of extras?

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