Android Headliner: Android TV Needs To Be More In The Spotlight

Android TV, for all its greatness, has one flaw that really needs to be addressed. It isn't hardware related, and it has nothing to do with software. Both those things are great. The interface is enjoyable, the hardware so far of the units we've seen look slick or decent enough. The issue is Google's lack of pushing the product and the platform. Android TV needs to be more in the spotlight, it needs more attention so people will recognize it exists as an option for in-home connected TV's that allow for media streaming, games and other entertainment, and it needs to be pushed more as a platform in general.

Android TV is still not available outside of the U.S. officially, and this poses a big issue for many consumers who likely want to give the products a shot. More recently we've been seeing more advertisements for Android and Android Wear, but not for Android TV. Google could take a page out of Amazon's book in this area. Amazon is pushing and advertising their Fire TV with commercials, online ad spots and more, and more people probably know about the product because of this. If Google made even one Android TV commercial it would do plenty of good to place the product in front of people's faces, to let them know it's out there.

With Google's first physical retail store having opened up in the UK just recently, they have a perfect opportunity to put Android TV on center stage and get people to experience the platform and how it works first hand. In addition to giving people the opportunity to see Android TV in person, what better way is there for Google to launch Android TV in another major market than with their very first Google Shop. Android TV is arguably much better than Google TV, in fact it's really what Google TV should have been from the beginning. Without any advertisement or regional expansion, I fear Android TV would be destined to walk the same path as Google TV, and stumble into a slow decline until it fades out of memory. Perhaps though Android TV will be able to power forward with little advertisement, maybe Google has a plan in mind for the way they position the platform and likely there is a reason as to why there has been no international push or advertisements. One thing is for certain

One thing is for certain though if Google doesn't do something to push Android TV more than they are now, it stands less of a chance of thriving. Take Apple's recent exclusivity of HBO Now on Apple TV beginning in April as an example. Although this won't carry it forever, it's sure to push sales of Apple TV during the Game of Thrones 5th season. It also gives Apple more exposure for the platform which they just dropped in price. Something like this could have been a great opportunity for Android TV. This is just an example, mind you, and there are other ways to give Android TV exposure. There just needs to be something, anything, done to advertise the platform so it doesn't become a once forgotten product.

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