Android Game Of The Week: Taichi Panda

When it comes to hack and slash action games, Taichi Panda is a game that gets things right. It has MMORPG elements baked in although not on a massive scale, as it's more of a dungeon crawler than an MMO. It does have multiplayer elements though as you can battle other players in the arena and vie for victory and engage in team instances. Taichi Panda gives gamers the opportunity to save the land of Avsar with one of four different character types, which include the panda monk, a warrior, a treasure hunter which is basically a duel wielding rogue type class, and the all new fox mage which was recently introduced with the official launch of the game, although not available in the previous open beta.

There is some light story-based context here, just enough to keep it interesting for anyone who enjoys a little bit of dialogue in their games, but the core focus is on the real-time combat and hack and slash action. The game begins with a quick intro to the story and then takes players through a tutorial to have them become familiar with the game mechanics and the content, which is easy to pick up and learn. The tutorial is comprised of actual gameplay, but it's guided so players aren't immediately confused as it forces you to learn the different elements of the game.

All of the action takes place in the series of dungeons set at different levels, and while the world is not completely open and fully explorable, it's enough to keep gamers entertained. Visuals are gorgeous, especially the particle effects and the abilities of the characters, so for people that love games with some eye candy there is plenty of that in Taichi Panda. Dungeons are quick little adventures lasting about three to five minutes each depending on your pace and rate of play, and while it can feel a little bit "grindy" at times, such is the nature of dungeon crawlers like this one. Dungeons will contain normal enemies with a boss fight at the end, and once you plow through the normal dungeon mode you and eventually unlock the harder modes, and you can opt to go through them again for more gold and better gear drops if you wish.

There are also raids that happen occasionally which you can join other players for, or you can attempt to go at things alone. Much of the grind will be focusing on getting gear upgrades, which you can further empower by refining it with specific items. There's also an included rune system used to give your characters special elemental magic which can be applied to your attacks through your weapons, and unlike some other hack and slash titles as you equip new items the visuals change to reflect the style of that gear including the armor and the weapons. All in all, Taichi Panda is an extremely solid action game that should delight anyone who likes fast paced real-time combat.

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