Android Game Of The Week: Dungeon Hunter 5

March 13, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

Gameloft is well known for a few different franchises, but their most popular are easily Modern Combat, and Dungeon Hunter. That leads us to the game of the week, Dungeon Hunter 5. This is the highly anticipated fifth installment in this action rpg franchise, which is a direct sequel to Dungeon Hunter 4, taking place after the events of the demon war. In Dungeon Hunter 5 instead of playing as a hero from one of the different races with a chosen class, players get a little more freedom here and can basically play any class they wish with the ability to switch between them. This works by giving players the ability to play with different skills and abilities based off of the weapons they have equipped, so there aren’t actually different classes per se.

The premise is that you’re a bounty hunter with one of the top bounty hunter guilds that have begun to thrive in the world. Now that demons are gone, the world has slipped deeper into chaos and destruction as the realm has begun to tear itself apart from within. As a bounty hunter, you offer a form of order and serve whoever happens to pay you the coin you require. The game will have you playing through the campaign picking up missions with a surprisingly better story and dialog than the last game, although there are multiplayer and PvP elements at your disposal too. There are also three difficulties for each campaign mission, giving some replay value and the inevitable grind that comes along with these types of hack and slash dungeon crawlers.

Graphics have taken a rather big leap forward from Dungeon Hunter 4, as abilities look more polished, and particle effects, as well as lighting seem more vivid and really stand out, making for some really beautiful gameplay. Dungeon Hunter 5 also introduces a totally new element to the series, the ability to set up your own dungeon with minions. You can raid other players’ dungeons for gold and other currency, but they can also raid yours so make sure to build up your defenses as quick as you can. Minions as well as other weapons and gear can be acquired as lot drops from completing dungeons. Upon being raided you get a shield that lasts for a period of time, which keeps you from being raided again unless you choose to attack someone. This will lift the shield and you become unprotected. You can still beat other players when they raid you of course, if your minions are more equipped and kill your opponent. IAP’s are present here but not really required to progress, however, progression does happen faster if you fork out the actual real world money to purchase certain in-game currency that can be used to open chests for epic loot.

As a Dungeon Hunter game, it’s probably the best in the series although not without its drawbacks. As a free game in this genre, it has a lot to offer and should provide hours upon hours of enjoyment for anyone who likes hack and slash titles, especially since Gameloft will likely be updating this quite a bit to add more content.