Android Game News Weekly 03/06/15: Hearthstone, Jurojin: Immortal Ninja, Marvel Mighty Heroes, Mutant League Football And More!


Blizzard Announces Blackrock Mountain Hearthstone Expansion042LYC09DACC1425593059623

Blizzard's popular card based battle arena game is getting a new expansion soon, themed after the famous Blackrock Mountain dungeons and raids from the World of Warcraft MMO. The expansion is available for pre-order March 19th for $25, check out the announcement trailer below.

Square Enix Releases First Look Trailer For Mevius Final FantasyMevius Final Fantasy

Earlier in the year Square Enix announced a new Final Fantasy game coming to mobile devices that would be like none before it called Mevius Final Fantasy. Early screenshots revealed the game would be extremely detailed with high end graphics. Now we get a first look video that shows about 1 minute and half of gameplay and cinematic so we know what to expect when the game launches later this year.


Buzz Killlem From Noodlecake Studios Hits Google Playunnamed

Noodlecake Studios is well known for their lovingly crafted retro style games, and Buzz Killem is the next one to join their already expansive library of games available. It's an arcade style game where you play as Buzz Killem, an old war veteran who is tasked with doing his duty and protecting earth from an alien invasion.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1

Jurojin: Immortal Ninja Is An Upcoming MOBA For AndroidJurojin Immortal Ninja

MOBA games are all about competition and player vs player combat. A new title coming to Android later this year will be joining the genre alongside games like The Witcher Battle Arena, called Jurojin: Immortal Ninja. In Jurojin you'll be thrust into a battle arena with other players, attempting to take lanes and down towers in a quest for dominance.


Crazy Sapper 3D Makes Its Way To AndroidCrazy Sapper

Crazy Sapper 3D is a puzzle title that tasks you with solving logic puzzles to avoid traps and survive. There's a single-player campaign mode that includes 30 levels total, and leaderboard integration so you can see how you stack up against your rivals and other players.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1

Mutant League Football Is Coming To AndroidMutant League Football

Classic SEGA hit Mutant League Football is getting a complete overhaul and being launched onto Android devices soon. You'll be able to play full-on gritty football matches between monsters and mutants, with multiple modes including full-season mode, Gridiron Carnage, and interesting elements to watch out for like killer stadiums.


DeNa Corp Joins Marvel To Launch Marvel Mighty Heroes54eb526b2f9ab

Marvel Comics and DeNa Corp are going to be releasing a new Marvel game on Android in the future called Marvel Mighty Heroes. This game will be a real-time Co-Op brawler with your favorite super heroes and super villains as characters, and players will be able to build a team using those character to gain victory in all-out brawls.

Sonic Runners Hits The Play Store In JapanSonic Runner

Sonic Runners was recently released onto the play Store in Japan, which means a U.S. launch is likely not far off. Sonic Runners is a side scrolling endless runner game somewhat akin to the side-scrolling action you may remember from Sonic games as a kid, although not quite the same. You can play as your favorite Sonic characters and play with friends or compete in epic online ranking battles.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1



Final Fantasy Record Keeper Comes To Android SoonScreenshot (1455)

DeNa Corp is not just teaming up with Marvel, but also Square Enix to help bring another Final Fantasy game to mobile devices. Final Fantasy Record Keeper is due to hit Android in the near future, giving old fans and new players alike the chance to battle through the most epic moments in Final Fantasy history.


Madfinger Games Announces Unkilled, A New Zombie FPSUnkilled

Madfinger Games has been steadily updating their popular zombie shooter Dead Trigger 2, and earlier this month during GDC 2015 they announced a new game in the works called Unkilled, which is an upcoming Zombie shooter for mobile devices. You may as well think of this as a next gen Dead Trigger, as the graphics look quite a bit better but the gameplay from the images more or less looks the same. Still, it should be fun nonetheless.

Zynga To Launch Strategy Game Called Dawn Of Titan Soondawn-of-titans

A new title coming our way from Zynga called Dawn of Titans looks to bring the gorgeous graphics expertise of Natural Motion Games together with epic strategy battles. Wage war against other empires with vast armies, giant titan warriors and real-time strategy gameplay.