Android Device Manager Comes to Android Wear With "Find My Phone" Command


For some time now, Google has offered Android Device Manager, a built-in service to Android that allows users to find their smartphones through Google Maps and then giving them the option to ring the device, lock it or even wipe the device remotely. The service works quite well, and it allows users to simply log in to any computer or device to find their lost device, all they need is their google account and password. It's as simple as that. Now, Google is extending the service to Android Wear, giving users an easy to find their smartphone if they've misplaced it nearby.

The integration couldn't be easier really, all you need to do is say "OK Google" to wake up your watch, followed by "Start. Find my Phone" and then your smartphone will start to ring aloud, just as it would if you did the procedure from the Android Device Manager website. There are plenty of apps out there on the Play Store than enable this sort of functionality, but it's nice to see an official option from Google, and it's already active on my G Watch. With that said, Google has noted in their blog post today that there's no need for an update or anything like that, it'll start appearing on your Android Wear watch over the next few weeks. Other manufacturers often offer their own equivalent to Android Device Manager, but Google's own is always included and now it's always available from your Android Wear watch no matter which brand you have.


It's a shame that this will only work with a watch that's currently connected to your smartphone, but considering Android Wear needs to be connected to a device to get online, it does make sense. Besides, it's nice to have the ability to find your nearby smartphone bundled in with the same service you'd use to lock a stolen device or find out where you left the device behind. This is also a completely free service and there's no need at all to pay for anything extra.

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