Android App Updates – March 27th, 2015: Plex, Lyft, Fitbit and More!


Plex hits v4.0, gets redesigned

This week, Plex made it to the big 4.0. And the developers decided to give it a bit of a makeover, visually. In addition to the makeover, Plex also added more Android TV access and functionality in the update, which is a pretty big deal, as you'd imagine.

Lyft introduces some Social networking features to their app



In this week's update to Lyft. The company  added "profiles". These profiles will show your average rating as well as how many rides you've taken on Lyft, and even show people when you joined Lyft. Drivers can see this info before deciding to pick you up. Which may or may not be a good thing.

CNBC Adds Live Streaming to their Android App

Screenshot 2015-03-27 09.26.19

With its latest updated, the CNBC app now allows you to live stream content on your Android device. So now you'll be able to catch up on the latest financial news that you may have missed. It's part of the "TV Anywhere". The update also brings in some bug fixes and stability improvements like usual.


Fitbit's App now let's you sync multiple trackers to the same account

Fitbit Surge

While this may not be an issue for many people, it is something that needed to be added. Fitbit has now added the ability to track multiple fitness trackers to the same account, through their mobile app. Definitely a feature that was needed. So now you can sync your Fitbit Force, Fitbit Zip and any other Fitbits you may have, all to the same account.

Action Launcher v3.3 Hits the Play Store

One of the popular launchers out there, Action Launcher, got updated to version 3.3 this week. It brought in a ton of features and fixes. Just a few of the new features was the Live Wallpaper API support, ability to enable Quicktheme to reliably work with live wallpapers. More shortcuts and gestures, that are both expanded and fully customizable. As well as the ability to configure action taken by a gesture. There's so much more in this changelog. It's easily about 600-700 words long.