Analyst: Meizu Did Really Well In Q1 2015; Sales Numbers Revealed

March 31, 2015 - Written By Kristijan Lucic

Meizu, much like Xiaomi, makes really well-built, powerful and yet affordable devices. This China-based smartphone OEM released quite a few compelling devices the last 6 months, and it seems like it’s paying off for them. We’ve seen some number at the beginning of this year, and the company is doing really well, they’re constantly increasing production and selling more and more smartphones as time goes by. It seems like the first quarter of 2015 also went really well for Meizu, at least according to an analyst.

Sun Changxu, a rather well-known Chinese analyst which usually gives us useful info, revealed some numbers for the public via Weibo (Chinese social network). According to Sun Changxu, Meizu has sold approximately 1.5 million units in January, 1.2 million units in February and 1.9 to 2 million in March. For comparison’s sake, Meizu has sold around 1 million units last December, and has been selling more and more devices each month since then. According to this report, Meizu doubled their sales in March, compared to last December. Meizu M1 Note which launched at the end of last year, and Meizu M1 which launched back in January certainly helped Meizu do that. These are the two mid-range affordable devices which are really solid, no wonder people are trying to get their hands on them.

Meizu’s numbers are still nowhere close to Xiaomi’s, but the company is constantly growing and it will be interesting to see how far can they go. Sun Changxu also mentioned that Meizu wants to sell 2 million units per month, which is optimistic, easily achievable at this rate. The MX4 and MX4 Pro which have been announced before the M1 Note and M1, are still selling really well it seems. As a side note, Meizu received a rather significant investment by Alibaba earlier this year. This Chinese e-commerce company has invested $590 million in Meizu, which will certainly help the company increase production and expand. Meizu is also planning to hit India soon, and other markets will certainly follow in the future. It will be interesting to see how many devices will Meizu sell by the end of 2015.