Alleged Price of UK Samsung Galaxy S6 Leaked


Many Android phones over the years have differentiated themselves from others by focusing on value, offering great specs but for less than Apple or other Android manufacturers offer their phones.  While Samsung may have started off that way they have moved more and more into the ultra-premium market as their product quality improves and market share grows.  Samsung's most recent flagship, the Galaxy Note 4, came in two variants with the more expensive one costing more than $1,000 USD.  While this seemed to be just for the special Edge version of the phone, Samsung UK has apparently already placed the Galaxy S6 on their website and given it a rather large price to go along with their market share.

At £699 ($1,080 USD) this isn't anywhere near the cheapest phone on the market, and in fact that would make it only less expensive than the largest most expensive iPhone, the iPhone 6 Plus 128GB.  What's even crazier here is that the price is mysteriously marked down from what appears to be a suggested retail price of £829, or a whopping $1,279 USD.  That's a gag-worthy price for a company that's been losing marketshare hand over fist over the last year, and one we're hoping is just a place holder.  The picture used for the Galaxy S6 appears to be a Galaxy A7, which is among the first metal phones that Samsung has ever produced, and makes us think further that this is might just be a placeholder price.


All in all we're definitely expecting the price to be among the most expensive in the land for a number of reasons.  First off the Galaxy S6 is looking to use a similar type of metal body as the Galaxy A series uses, meaning higher production costs versus the plastic that Samsung has been using for years in its devices.  Secondly Samsung has produced a brand new type of RAM that's lightning fast and high capacity, meaning that production costs for some of the components in the phone are going to be higher than previous devices too.  With the rumored drop in microSD card support you're going to need as much memory as you can get.  The official announcement is in just a few hours so we'll have to see how true this price is!


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