Alleged Leaked Image Of Sony Xperia Z4 Design Suggests New Look For The Flagship


Sony isn't looking to sell off their mobile division, which is good news for Sony fans as this means they can probably expect a brand new flagship smartphone from the Xperia Z lineup in the coming months ahead. Sony has all but revealed any real hints at what their Xperia Z4 could look like, and while nothing is certain chances are it will end up looking similar to the already announced Xperia Z4 Tablet, which keeps a similar looking design profile to the Xperia Z3 family of devices, albeit thinner, lighter and more powerful. Reasoning suggests that Sony will keep a similar design to the Xperia Z4 Tablet when it comes to the Xperia Z4, but a new leak has popped up today that claims to be a potential design mock up of what the Xperia Z4 could look like.

Looking at the design, there are a few things that don't add up if this could, in fact, be an Xperia Z4 design plan. The first is that when looking at what we can assume are all the buttons on the sides, there doesn't appear to be a circular power button, which has always been a smaller round button on the past three flagship devices in the Xperia Z lineup, furthermore, on nearly all of Sony's devices as well. There also appears to be the lack of magnetic charging pins where the phone would sit in the dock. This is another thing that has always been on every past Xperia Z device, however without them maybe it could signal that Sony would be focusing more on built-in wireless charging, although there's no reason they couldn't have both.


In regards to the rest of the buttons and ports, the drawing shows what looks like the volume rocker and either the SIM card slot or the microSD card slot on the left-hand side, and on the right it would appear the power button sits in the middle as on past devices although a different shape here, and the camera button appears to be there towards the bottom like on past devices as well. Above the power button would either be the microSD card slot or the SIM card slot, whichever isn't on the left side of the device. The design would seem to suggest that Sony has moved the charging port to the bottom of the device and it looks like the shape of a USB type-c port, although they have always been known to have it on the side with a little door to close up and seal the connection. Up top would be the 3.5mm audio port as seen on all previous flagship devices. The design itself really looks quite different from any Xperia Z, with more pronounced square lines, completely different from the rounded edges and corners seen on the Xperia Z3, but we can't rule out that Sony could be changing the design a little more than customers are used to seeing. The image was previously posted by Sony China's Weibo account and then later taken down according to the source, but due to the device missing a couple signature Sony attributes, it's uncertain if this design belongs to the Xperia Z4 or not.


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