AH Photography Competition Winners for February, March's New Challenge!


This month was a draw between two entrants into the previous bi-weekly competition, shooting for best Winter photograph.  Both of these photos exhibit very different qualities and outcomes, and both are incredibly beautiful.  Aqil Murad posted what might seem like an ordinary scene of laundry pins on a clothesline with his Sony Xperia Z2.  It's tough to tell what's more striking about this photo, even after studying it for a while.  The wet laundry pins hanging on the clothesline are juxtaposed against a snowy background, making the viewer wonder how they got so wet while everything else is clearly frozen.  On top of that Aqil has done some editing with Pixlr and made the clothespins even more striking by again juxtaposing them against the background via a color filter, leaving the entire snowy background a cold black and white.  The contrasting colors and elements in the scene make this truly special and one that's certainly wallpaper worthy for most.

Last time around our photography winner used the valiant Nexus 5 which started off a bit rough on the camera side of things and improved tenfold through updates over a number of months.  Pictures taken with the Nexus 5 in the right hands can truly show stunning details and superior light balance thanks to software like HDR+.  Christopher GroŸheim posted this stunning vertical panorama on Google+ showcasing hot air balloons taking off with snowy mountains and a gorgeous clear sky setting the backdrop of the scene.  Vertical panoramas aren't used very often and it's fantastic to see one used to such a great extent here!


Think you can make it to the hall of fame for our next competition?  Then it's time to hit up your favorite social media outlet, whether it be Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest and send us your photos using the hashtag #AHPhotography2015.  You may submit as many pictures as you'd like over the next two weeks, but make sure to follow the rules of the competition.  You must be using a smartphone to take the pictures, and when you post your pictures please make sure to tell us what phone you took them with as well as any editing that was done or back story that helps explain what we're looking at.  This time around we'd like you to focus on framing your photos in a special way, whether it's looking through a window onto a gorgeous vista or through a room of crowded people at one special person, framing the shot can be a very important trick to have up your sleeve.  We look forward to the next batch of submissions, and, of course, good luck to all who enter!


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