Accuracy Designed UltraTuner Guitar App Now Available On The Play Store


Learning to play the guitar is a long process. Even once chords are mastered, rhythm is consistent, and playing by ear is no longer a problem. There is still the tedious task of keeping your guitar in tune. Not to mention, having to constantly change between standard tuning and alternative tuning structures like Drop D. If you are guitarist who often finds themselves with their guitar out and about, then you will know how integral a portable tuner is. Wherever you go, that tuner will be with you.

Well, smartphones are slowly changing the need to have to carry with you a portable tuner. Various tuning apps offer the ability to make sure that you always have a tuner with you. Perfect for next time you are at a friends house and they have a guitar but no tuner. In fact, back in January, the next stage in guitar tuner evolution was noted when it was reported you could now change your smartwatch into a tuner. One that slots onto your guitar and uses the vibration to give you an accurate string reading.


Well, if you are in the market for a new tuner and accuracy is of paramount importance to you then you might want to check out UltraTuner. This app has just made it onto android after being quite a successful iOS app. UltraTuner focuses highly on offering a greater level of accuracy than most of the app tuners and even some physical tuners. For the more serious guitarists out there, the app also offers 'Studio' and Stage' modes. Stage mode results in the app being far more readable from a distance while in studio mode the app will offer a more precise level of accuracy with more detailed note and pitch information. If you are interested, then the app can be downloaded from the Play Store now. It is worth noting, this is not a free app and the price for the app comes in at $4.99. Follow the link to head over to the Play Store listing if you are interested or check out the video below for more information.

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