According To Motorola President, Motorola To Continue Down Same Path With No Major Product Deviating

March 3, 2015 - Written By John Anon

Motorola has done well over recent times. Their Moto X smartphone has quickly become a fan favourite and their more moderately priced Moto G and Moto E lines have also become good sellers. Not to mention, there is little arguing with how successful their venturing into wearables has been with the Moto 360. While both Samsung and LG have released numerous versions of their wearables to try and perfect the concept, Motorola seemed to get it right straight off of the bat. So, in short, their current vision seems to be working for them quite well.

So much so in fact, that it seems this is pretty much going to be the vision going forward. Rick Osterloh, Motorola Mobility president was talking to Re/Code (source link below) and reiterated the company’s intent to follow on the path they are currently on. It seems the idea of a streamlined and focus product portfolio is exactly where they want to be and will continue to be. While Samsung and the likes are constantly expanding their product lines and looking for new and novel avenues, Motorola are intent on focusing on refining the lines that they already have “We’re definitely not interested in going in a million different directions“. Although one interesting revelation was that Osterloh seemed to hint that there is room for another Moto line in between the Moto G and Moto X. Of course, no details were provided in terms of what that device could be. If you were hoping for a new Motorola tablet anytime soon, then that definitely seems to be off the agenda with Motorola happy to leave that side of the market to their new owners, Lenovo.

In terms of wearables, it seems Motorola are of the same mindset, with little intention to expand past the 360 or offering any other notable wearables. Furthermore, unlike Samsung and LG, Osterloh sees no need for Motorola to start thinking about their own OS for their smartwatch “”We’re pretty happy with Android wear, and that is what we are going to stay with“. In fact, according to Osterloh, the idea of adopting their own OS over Android Wear is a “terrible” one. That said, it is worth noting that Motorola are not standing still and are experimenting on their current lines and apparently will be launching more products in the latter part of the year.