There Were 1.289 Billion Mobile Phone Users In China Last Month, 37.65% Of Which Used 3G Connectivity


China is the biggest smartphone market in the world. There are many smartphone manufacturers and consumers located in that Asian country, and a huge chunk of their population is using smartphones and internet connectivity. Well, we're here to bring you some statistics regarding smartphone and internet usage in China for February 2015. China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) has released some interesting data recently, and Digitimes compiled the most interesting pieces for us to check out.

According to the source, there were 1.289 billion subscribers of mobile communication services in China at the end of last month. To put this into perspective, this is 0.08% less than a month before, but is actually 4.01% more compared to last year. 37.65%, or 485.51 million of those subscribers have also used 3G connectivity, and 68.51% (883.40) million used mobile internet access in general. Now for the interesting part, the number of subscribers at the end of last month actually accounted for 94.5% of China's population, which is staggering. As far as text messages go, consumers in China sent 62.33 billion of those in February, which comes to about 1.73 per phone number a day. If we take a look at internet traffic in China last month, it comes down to 237,311Tb. As a side note, 246.95 million consumers used fixed telephone services in China last month.


Looking at this data, it's easy to figure out that Chinese market is still growing, though that's not that surprising. These numbers will quite probably rise some more this year. There are a lot of smartphone vendors in China, some of them are already very well-known worldwide, others not so much, but are getting there. Xiaomi, Huawei, Meizu, ZTE… and a couple of other OEMs did a great job last year, and it seems their success will continue this year as well. Truth be told, Chinese market is getting really saturated with all kinds of smartphones, and that's why many of these OEMs are looking for ways to expand to other markets. It remains to be seen how will that affect smartphone and internet usage in China, if at all.

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