YouTube's New Experiment Allows You To "View Things Differently" With Multi-Angled Viewing


Every month over a billion users around the world tune into over 6 billion hours of video on YouTube. Until now, we have sat and enjoyed our favorite shows, movies, new reports, interesting things, and yes even cat videos, by watching only one angle of the action at a time. In order to see other angles of the action we had to either wait for the show to switch to another camera or try and see if we can find someone else who has uploaded the same content from a different viewpoint. This is all about to change.

Google has announced today that they have begun experimenting with a new feature that allows the viewer to change viewing angles during a performance or show without having to stop the video or switch to another video feed of the same action. This is great for concerts or performances, as it will enable content creators the ability to allow their fans to interact with the content and allow for more enjoyable viewing experiences to better enhance their show. This is currently an experiment however and as of right now it is only available on one video. The video (source link below) is from the recent YouTube Music Night, during a song by Madilyn Bailey. This experiment will only be available to a few number of YouTube users, and you must sign up to be considered for this experiment.


This new feature is part of YouTube's latest effort to make better content that allows content creators to engage their viewers and comes shortly after YouTube announced that it would support 360-degree video.  This new multi-view feature works by taking the video and audio that has been filmed from multiple angles and combining them automatically to make a seamless and smooth experience that will allow you to smoothly switch from angle to angle without any pause in the video. You can think of it as a television control room where you control many cameras filming the same action from different angles. You can change to a close up to better see what the performer is doing or you can go to a wider angle to take in the whole scene.

 This new experiment has huge possibilities. Other startups and companies have tried to make this work in the past, but none of them have been able to make inroads advances in the technology. Hopefully, YouTube will be able to make this concept work and allow creators to better engage their viewers and provide more action and create better content. If you would like to view the video you can head over to YouTube by clicking the source link below. Do you think this new experiment by YouTube will work? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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