YouTube Adds Trimming Feature To Android App Allowing Videos To Be Trimmed Prior To Uploading


When it comes to online video, there is the one and only YouTube. Whether you are looking for a quick how-to like how to remove the back of the Xiaomi Mi4 or just looking for the next episode of that illusive show which you can only seem to find on YouTube, the video streaming site has it all. That is largely due to how well users have taken to the service. Everyone uploads to YouTube and as such there is more homemade content there than you can shake a stick at.

That said, looking for content on YouTube can sometimes be a time-consuming process and especially if you are looking for a specific clip within a video. Time and time again, you may have had to watch a long video just to see the couple of seconds footage you have been hearing about. Well, not anymore. YouTube has today announced the android app now comes with a trimming tool. As such, videos being uploaded can now (at the point of upload) be trimmed down to the length you want prior to going live. What's more, nothing needs to be done, downloaded or activated to take advantage of the new features. Your YouTube app should have already seen the service updated and next time you go to upload a video, you will be prompted with one of Google's 'Got it' messages explaining the new feature.


Using the feature is also surprisingly simple. Once you begin the process of uploading a video, as soon as the video has been selected you will see the new timeline editing feature show up. From here, you will have a typical start and end point cursor and you can simply drag the two cursors to the points to which you want the video to be edited. Once they are in place, the video is automatically trimmed down to the new timeframe. There is even a preview mode included so you can quickly check the new length of the video to make sure you are not missing any important content prior to going live. So, all-in-all, not a bad additional feature. If you want to know more than you can check out the full YouTube Google+ posting by clicking the source link below.

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