Xiaomi Is Reportedly Working On Their Very Own Quadcopter Drone

February 3, 2015 - Written By Kristijan Lucic

Xiaomi is the fastest growing smartphone manufacturer in the world at the moment. The company’s growth rate is kind of staggering, and they have huge plans for the future. This company is selling smartphone and tablets, sure, but those are just a part of the big picture for Xiaomi. This China-based company has been selling all kinds of smart home gadgets, like air purifiers, smart light bulbs… even smart TVs. It seems like they’re looking to branch out even more, well, at least according to the latest info.

According to the newest report, Xiaomi plans to enter the quadcopter and drone market as well. Surprised? Well, I’m not surprised by anything when it comes to Xiaomi anymore, anyhow, let’s see what’s what. The report claims that Xiaomi has put together a team which will be in charge of creating company’s very own drones which they’ll sell in China. They reportedly already have a prototype of the device and it resembles the highly-popular DJI Phantom, and is capable of carrying a GoPro-like action cam on it. We can assume that this device will be really affordable once launched, if there’s any truth to this rumor, of course.

As I already mentioned, I’m really not surprised by this, Xiaomi’s appetite for success is enormous and I guess we’ll be seeing more stuff like this in the future. This company has managed to raise over $1 billion dollars in investments and I’m sure they’ll invest that into products like this. Xiaomi will surely announce many more devices this year, some of which will be smartphones, that’s for sure, but the other part of that will be gadgets like this, that’s at least my guess. I’ll remind you once again that this is just a rumor though, the quadcopter development wasn’t confirmed by the company in any way, but if there’s any truth to this rumor, I’m sure we’ll get some extra information really soon.

That being said, do you think there’s any truth to this rumor, do you think that Xiaomi is working on developing their very own quadcopter drone? Would you be interested in purchasing one perhaps?