WIND Mobile Now Offering $39 Per Month Unlimited Data to Canada and the US


WIND Mobile maybe not be the biggest fish in the Canadian pond, but it's trying to work its way up to get there.  Just today we heard that they would be once again shooting to make that magic 1 million subscriber mark, but we weren't entirely sure what they were going to do in order to get to that point.  Now things are becoming a little more clear as to what Canada's fourth largest carrier will be doing to try and bump ranks with a few of its larger competitors, and they're getting pretty exciting.  First up as mentioned yesterday WIND now offers the Google Nexus 6 in its own portfolio of devices for $299 on contract, meaning you're getting Google's latest powerhouse phone and quite possibly the best phone on the market for less than half the cost that Google is selling it for on the Play Store.

Now WIND Mobile has unveiled a brand new unlimited plan that's going to make waves in the Canadian wireless industry.  For a mere $39 per month you can get unlimited Canada-wide calling and Canada-wide texting as well as unlimited data in both the US and Canada.  Yep you read that right, those that find themselves a little south of the Canadian border won't have to worry about data roaming charges or data buckets any longer, as WIND is making the whole thing unlimited with this new plan.  If you need to make calls or texts in the US there is still a bucket of 2,400 minutes included in the plan, which the vast majority of people will likely never use anyway.


This plan does come with a bit of a caveat though, as you'll need to participate in buying a phone from WIND in order to be eligible for the promotion.  Not only that but this is a limited time promotion, not a permanent offer that WIND will give, so you have until March 31st to register for the new plan.  All in all this is a fantastic plan that's at least $5 cheaper than its closest competitor, Rogers, who offers a similar plan but does not include unlimited data, so you're not only getting a cheaper bill but a better overall deal anyway.  This is the sort of thing WIND Mobile is going to need to do to make its way to the top, and offering such a plan could be a great start to reaching that goal.

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