WeatherPro App Receives Android Wear Update Allowing Weather Checking On Your Smartwatch

February 2, 2015 - Written By John Anon

If you own a smartwatch, then chances are (besides telling the time) one of the features you most use the smartwatch for, is quick-glance notifications. Emails or missed calls come in, the smartwatch lets you know and you can decide on the fly what to do with them. All without having to pick up your smartphone. Although their functionality (overall) is quite limited and they do (mostly) still require a smartphone to function, smartwatches are great for things like notifications.

Well, besides the immediate notifications of incoming alerts and calls, one notification which is a great addition to any device is the weather. Probably all of us at some point, check the weather on our smartphones to see what the day (and week) ahead will bring. Need to know what you should wear today? Planning a BBQ? Do you need a brolly? All these sorts of questions are quickly answered when you have a built-in weather widget or downloaded app. Strangely though, one of the most well-known weather apps, WeatherPro had yet to update their app to be compatible with Android Wear. If you currently use WeatherPro and that has felt like an issue for you, then not to worry as it seems today that issue has finally been resolved.

The WeatherPro app has now received a long needed Wear compatibility update and as such, you can now download the app and as you would expect, check the weather directly on your smartwatch. In fact, the whole app now offers users a dedicated WeatherPro watch face, which can be left on permanently allowing for easy access to current weather details. In terms of the update in general, Wear compatibility seems to be the bulk of the update, with only bug fixes and performance-related improvements noted in the changelog. If you already have the app installed then  you can check for the update now in your settings menu and you should be able to take advantage of the new Wear functionality straight away. If you have yet to give the app a try and want to see what it can offer with your smartwatch then click here to head over to the Play Store listing.