Visa Working On Smartphone Location Tracking Feature To Help Prevent Credit Card Fraud

Tracking smartphones is something that many of our most loved, favorite apps do 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, whether we either notice or choose to admit it to ourselves. In most cases the reasons are harmless, as they simply seek to provide a better user experience with the location based features that can come along with the practice of doing so. Visa, although not an app like Facebook or Twitter, is said to be looking into the possibility of tracking the smartphones of their users so that they might better serve them. Why you ask? It's simple. Visa's reasons are to help prevent credit card fraud when you may end up using your card to make purchases in locations you don't typically spend your money.

Immediately this is probably going to cause a few people to raise their arms and throw a fit over the fact that this is just one more collective major conglomerate or powerful entity that is trying to keep tabs on our every move. Thinking about this though, Visa having the ability to see where you are when you make a purchase does pose some form of convenience that many people are sure to appreciate. How it will supposedly work is that whenever you make a purchase Visa will look to match up the purchase location with your smartphones location to ensure that you are the one using your credit card.

It might seem like it'll take extra hardware for such a thing to take place but it actually takes little more than a tweak of stuff we already use. Visa's currently working with banking partners to embed a tracking feature inside of their apps, so when consumers make purchases with their Visa credit card the installed app can track the users location. The good news is, this potential upcoming service is opt-in, so if users don't want to have their banking apps track their location they can prevent it. This makes it possible to please customers on both sides of the fence, as users who aren't too happy about the notion can simply leave things alone, and those that would like to use it can opt-in for a little added peace of mind and extra security. Visa states that they don't keep all the data on hand or stored except for your last pinged location, so if you're worried about them keeping a trove of all your whereabouts and purchases, apparently users need not worry.

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