Verizon Wireless Model Of The Motorola Moto E 2nd Gen. With LTE Supposedly Leaks

February 23, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz


Motorola has yet to launch the second generation of the Motorola Moto E, which is coming equipped with 4G LTE compatibility to bring users the lightning fast speeds of today’s advanced networks, mixed together with the affordable price and “pretty decent specs for the cost” of the budget minded low-end original handset. The Motorola Moto E 2nd. Gen will be on its way in the near future most likely, and we have already seen what the device supposedly looks like from previous leaks which showed off the body design. It was previously leaked on Best Buy’s website tacked to a prepaid service for Sprint, and now we’re getting a look at the Verizon Wireless model of the device thanks to this leaked image.

Just as one would expect, the back shows off Verizon’s iconic branding like every other device on their network, and it’s clad in all black just like the Sprint model we saw on Best Buy’s webpage. We know that 4G LTE was a sought after compatible function of the device that many users were wanting, and while Verizon’s 4G network may not be the fastest in all places they do provide the most vast coverage, and now consumers will seemingly have the option to get those fast speeds on one of Motorola’s awesome phones that will be available at a fairly low cost.

The Best Buy listing for the Sprint prepaid model was set at $99, so we’d expect the Verizon model shown here below to be the same, and it would most likely feature the same specs which means 8GB of internal storage space, 1GB of RAM, the 5MP rear facing camera and the VGA front facing camera to boot. Since this leak isn’t official, Verizon’s version could end up with a different color although we don’t expect it to, and the pricing could be different than the one that was listed for Sprint at the Best Buy site. We also have no idea about any sort of official release date. What do you think of the supposed Verizon model Moto E 2nd Gen? Will you be attempting to scoop one up?

Moto E 2nd Gen