Verizon Nexus 6 was Supposed to Launch Today According to Official Video

February 26, 2015 - Written By Nick Sutrich

Verizon and Google have had a bit of a rocky relationship over the years, including bouts with Google’s Nexus program and the update schedule Verizon likes to keep.  While the 3rd generation Nexus phone, the Galaxy Nexus, was available on Verizon from the get-go, users of the phone didn’t receive every update Google put out for the phone.  In fact the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon is still officially behind an entire OS update thanks to Verizon’s stonewalling of Google’s updates.  Since then the idea of another Nexus device on Verizon has scoffed at for many reasons, but with last year’s Nexus 6 it looked like Google might have finally patched up relations with the US’s largest wireless carrier.

The problem now is that we’re well over 3 months into the Nexus 6’s lifecycle and there’s still no sign of Verizon’s version of the phone.  Out of nowhere we started seeing talks about the device coming to Verizon again, and yesterday we were treated with a 360-degree view of the phone in GIF form.  While such a render certainly doesn’t confirm the existence of a device, an official video posted to YouTube from Verizon certainly does.  In fact the video posted to YouTube by Verizon themselves not only shows the Nexus 6 looking exactly like the leaks suggested, with the Verizon logo on the back of the device, but states that the phone is now available on the carrier.

Heading to Verizon’s website to purchase only reveals a sign up page where you can enter your contact information to receive more information when the Nexus 6 becomes available.  While it’s possible that some Verizon stores now have the phone available we’re seeing that the release date has been pushed back to March 12th for some unknown reason, although it’s possible that Verizon could want Android 5.1 Lollipop to be on the phone before it launches on their network.  This is certainly not a confirmation of either event, but the Nexus 6 is definitely coming to Verizon very soon, so those on Big Red wanting an official Nexus 6 on contract will soon be in luck.  Check out Verizon’s announcement video below.