Verizon Improve Their Plans, Drop Prices And Increase Discounts

Verizon Wireless are in an interesting position in the US market. They have stated, several times, that they're not going to chase customers by dropping their prices but instead are accepting that some people are always going to put costs ahead of anything else (such as coverage, network quality, customer services) and they do not want to drop their prices to retain these customers. And quite often, maybe a week or two after an announcement of this type, we have news of a price cuts. And this seems to be what's happened this week with the news that Verizon have changed their More Everything plans with discounts on most data options, plus a few new to pick from. They're also making the $25 Edge discount available at the 6 GB of data point and upwards. In the numbers, it means that the 1 GB data tier will be $30 rather than $40, which is a worthwhile saving. That $10 saving on the 20 GB plan, from $150 to $140, is still nice to have but proportionally less. The Edge discount drops a $25 discount onto any 6 GB or higher data plan; for the 4 GB or lower plans, the discount remains at $15 a month. Oh and there are more plans to pick from now, too, with introductions at the 6 GB, 8 GB, 12 GB, 14 GB and 16 GB points.

It's appreciated that Verizon are polishing their plans to make them more competitive, but I have to question the introduction of data plans every couple of gigabytes along the scale. I understand the need to be flexible, but presumably the majority of customers will either be at the bottom of the scale - or at the top? Perhaps some customers currently on the 20 GB plan might drop down to the 14 GB plan, but the majority of people are probably not going to bother it the mid-range plans. And from my practical experience, giving sales representatives more options to pick from invariably makes very little difference at the sharp end. Many customers use one or two gigabytes of data a month and might go for the 4 GB plan to ensure there's no overuse charges, or will want the most data that they can get.

What do our readers think? Verizon has steadily improved their offerings but as one of America's bigger networks, have less of a need to do this. Are these softening prices enough to persuade you to consider moving to the network in the coming months, or are you waiting it out for the Google MVNO with T-Mobile USA and Sprint. Or have you been with Verizon for a long time and have no plans to change? Let us know in the comments below.

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