Ubuntu OS Firmware For The Aquaris E4.5 Now Available To Download And Install

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It seems, as well as the variety of different smartphone manufacturers in the android world, there is also an increasing number of operating systems becoming available. While all, fork off of android in one capacity or another, there was one particular OS which has (for a long time) been gaining attention, that is Ubuntu OS. However, in spite of the increased attention and seemingly fervor for an Ubuntu OS running device, the actuality of bringing one of these devices to the market has proved difficult.

That said, finally, an Ubuntu OS running device was released this month and goes by the name Aquaris E4.5 Ubunto Edition. The smartphone received its official release on February 9th and to a much smaller capacity than anyone had thought a Ubuntu running device would receive. The E4.5 is only available at the moment in Europe and is being released in a flash-sale format. If you are interesting in a Ubuntu device than the E4.5 comes with a 4.5-inch display. Inside, the E4.5 is equipped with 1GB RAM and powered by a Mediatek chipset Cortex-A7 processor (clocking at 1.3GHz). In terms of memory, the E4.5 offers 8GB internal as standard along with a microSD slot offering a further 32GB storage.

However, if you are not planning on buying the E4.5 but would like to see what the operating system is like, then it looks like the firmware is now available to download. Of course, getting this firmware to run on any device other than the E4.5 will be quite a chore, but that is unlikely to stop people trying. Not to mention, a forked version for other devices might become available in due course. However, if you do own one of the original Android powered Aquaris E4.5 devices, then you might have more luck in getting this to work. If you are interested in giving the firmware a try, then you can download it by clicking here (automatic download). There are, unfortunately, no flashing instructions provided with the download and as such, this is a rather blind (and risky) install. Still, if you know what you are doing or know how to tinker with firmware, then maybe you will be able to do something with this one. If you do, let us know how you get on and whether you are interested in an Ubuntu operating system?